Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book hounds

If you happen to be the author of way too many mass-market novels, you are faced with the predicament of having to take way too many author photos. Some writers spice things up by posing with their favorite things: Alexander McCall Smith with his musical instruments, Danielle Steel with her tacky ballgowns, James Patterson with his bad mood.

Many authors choose to pose with their dog/s, an option I fully support. I recently came across a stellar example of this, courtesy of Dean Koontz:

Reasons I like this picture:
1) That dog is adorable.
2) The dog seems to be the featured member of this portrait. Did he write the book?
3) These two look like they have a strained marriage and have been forced to sit next to each other and smile at their daughter's wedding.

In conclusion, keep up the good work, bizarre dog-loving novelists.

My allotment of daily Internet fame

Something I submitted to the Museum of Food Anamolies in August of 2006 was just published:


I feel so proud. I'd like to thank my photographer, my undying love of fresh produce, and above all, the Red Hook Fairway.