Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OTC Candy

Those of you without a conveniently located Wawa are missing out on one of the most delicious candies on the market: the Angel Mint. You know how diners and Thai restaurants sometimes have those orbs full of mints on the counter near the entrance? Those pastel-colored mints that start out chalky but turn into smooth, melty, ambrosial peppermint auras in your mouth? Angel Mints are like those. Only they're three times as big and you can buy them for 15 cents each instead of trying to smuggle out a giant handful while the hostess is looking the other way. I've taken to getting at least two a day.

Further research, however, has made me considered curtailing my new habit. The Angel Mint company has a whole shtick about the numerous therapeutic health benefits of the Angel Mint: relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome! neutralizes free radicals! soothes the dry mouths of patients undergoing chemotherapy! "The Angel Mint treats the person, not the disease." And check out this picture that makes the things look like a mixture of after-dinner mint, sausage casing, and cannabis. Creepy!

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Mechuahua said...

You left out tampon!!!