Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't That Look Like a Tasty Bowl o' Mush?

I have been experimenting with an innovative and delicious new dessert concept. At first glance, you may be tempted to call it little more than warm, undercooked rice pudding, but I prefer "dessert risotto." Here's how the inaugural Nailgun Alley version goes:

Make some jasmine rice. In a saucepan over medium heat, stir said rice with butter, peanut butter, cream, and sugar. (Don't get all high and mighty with cooking technique and when to add what. It's all gonna turn into the same delectable slop no matter how it goes down.) Remove from heat. Fold in frozen chocolate chips. Consume.

The man of the house was so keen on the idea that tonight he made a big pot of rice, ate half of it with chili for dinner and then ate the rest as chocolate-peanut-butter dessert risotto. Though I think he now regrets that plan (note: best to precede dessert risotto with dinner of healthy green salad), we at the Dessert Risotto Foundation applaud his ricely efforts.

Next adaptation will be an autumnal blend of canned pumpkin, pie spices, and graham cracker chunks.

The only thing that might theoretically be able to top this: deep-fried dessert risotto.

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Mechuahua said...

I'd try anything you'd concoct. Hey, you got me to SOMEWHAT enjoy chocolate covered pretzels; which is quite a feat! The photo of the so-called dessert looks a bit revolting - like prison mush. Although, I do love the sturdy bowl!