Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home doctor

Perhaps you're familiar with MedlinePlus, a project of the NIH that brings together information from government agencies and health-related organizations. It's very authoritative. Its newsfeed, it turns out, is also a trove of hilarious headlines. A sampling:

Babies Come Packed With Natural Knowledge
Refusing Whooping Cough Vaccine Shown to Raise Risk
Health Issues in Childhood Often Show up in Adulthood
Experts Urge Less Weight Gain for Obese Women in Pregnancy
Staying Home When Sick Might Be Wise
Youth and Driving Don't Always Mix Safely
Looks, Money, Fame Don't Bring Happiness

MedlinePlus also runs a series of helpful health tips:

Health Tip: Use a Ladder Properly
Health Tip: Eat Enough Fiber
Health Tip: Keep Your Feet Safe in Flip-Flops
Health Tip: Why Is My Nose Bleeding?
Health Tip: Taking Care of Baby's Dandruff

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