Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It's always as surprise when I get a box in the mail from my mom. I generally know the bulk of what she's sending me -- things I bought when visiting Ohio that wouldn't fit in my suitcase, a dress that I asked her to snag from my old bedroom, something she got for me on vacation -- but she never fails to cram that box full of a motley assortment of free-gift-with-purchase extras, like a Splenda-packet-stuffed Ziploc freezer bag or stamps or toothpaste or a jacket she doesn't want anymore. When I opened my last package from her, the first thing I saw when I popped it open was this:

Can't read the note? Here:

Please note that these magazine pages have been carefully placed in a protective plastic slide. Linda, Janis, I love you both.

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caolan said...

She DOES look like you! Janis is right.