Monday, August 30, 2010

Philadelphia sidewalks are full of poles to which people once affixed their horses while they went about their non-horse-riding business (you know, like getting their shoes cobbled). They're sort of like old-fashioned bike racks. Most of these posts are topped with sculptures of horse heads, thereby alerting passersby that they are specifically for horse parking:

A few, however, seem to be specifically for cat parking:

You can choose which post to use based on your own cat's demeanor. The post on the left is for outgoing and festive cats who enjoy wearing jewelry. The post on the right is for stoic cats who rarely deviate from meditative poses.

The post below is for parking one's pet pine cone, which is useful. After all, who among us hasn't experienced the frustration of a pine cone wandering off the second you turn your back on it?

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