Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My favored method for letting the world know that I love something is by becoming a Facebook fan of it. I am a Fan of 80 different things, and I swear not all of them are neat products that you can buy (though most of them are). Did you know that, if you want to become a fan of something for which no page exists, you can just create one yourself? A while back I created a page for Square-Headed Dogs. It's dedicated to dogs of no particular breed whose heads could reasonably be described as cubical in shape. Not straight-up pit bulls (there are plenty of pit-bull-oriented pages to become a fan of if that's your thing), but dogs who are a just pitty enough to be adorable little stocky monsters (see fig. 1 above).

The page doesn't do much except sit there with a few pictures of square-headers on it (including one with birthday hat). For a while it had only two fans, me and someone I strong armed into joining the square-head movement. A few months later I checked back and saw that 10 people who live in Wales had also become fans. Imagine my surprise and delight when, recently, I saw that Square-Headed Dogs was up to 32 fans, including three people I actually know!

I encourage all of my readers to show their support for square-headed dogs by becoming an online fan of them. If you are a Facebook member, this is quite easy and you probably already know how such things work. If you are not a Facebook member, you will first have to click the link contained in one of the 4,396 emails you've received from friends trying to coerce you into joining Facebook. Either way, I promise it will be worth it.


caolan said...

Hee hee. Here I am, commenting on your blog again. I will consider becoming a fan of square-headed dogs, although I think I am a fan of NOTHING on facebook. It is too confusing to decide. Yes, I am a fan of sleep! Sure, I am a fan of Baudelaire! The spork? Square-headed dogs? Nothing wrong with them!

Thanks for providing a link to, so that I got to see the beautiful new site of the person you strongarmed into being a square-headed dog fan.

Kate said...

Please continue to comment on my blog. It makes me feel special. You needn't become a fan of square-headed dogs if this type of dog isn't especially important to you. Square-headed dogs aren't interested in fair-weather fans.

Have you never seen It's been up for about a year and a half. Matt is always a nameless link to on this blog!

caolan said...

I feel like I HAVE seen, but maybe it was redesigned? Is that possible? It looked unfamiliar and exciting. I should probably be somehow posting this somewhere on

Kate said...

It has not been redesigned, but funnily enough, Matt has been wanting to redesign it but just hasn't gotten around to it. Maybe he can use the fact that at least one person thinks it's been redesigned as an excuse to put it off further